Vinoski Winemaking

Vinoski Winery introduces California dry, sophisticated wines to the East Coast. Our wines are made in Lodi, California using only the first fruit, unblemished, hand-picked, and hand-sorted grape varietals. We primarily use our Lodi grapes and blend them with like grapes (same varietal), including those from Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. We also experiment with rare white grapes, such as the Vermentino, to produce unconventional white wines.

Our grapes in California are hand picked and tested daily, to ensure we are picking at peak times. We then ferment with the grape’s natural yeasts, and capture only the free-run young wine. Unlike other wineries, we do not press the wines to gain more bulk wine, causing our wines to not have any harsh tannin astringency from pressing. Even with our free-run process, our wines have a firm tannin backbone that stabilizes the wine for decades.

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